Transparent & Sustainable

Bringing you an efficient way to spend Nano online, on products that have a low impact on the environment. Nanozen will never encourage buying unnecessary goods. If you can buy these items from local shops, please do.


Nanozen flow

Every flow of value is made public thanks to the nano network.
Every flow of goods, services and value in euro is available and detailed thouroughly.


The products featured in our online shop are selected to fit in a low tech, zero waste mind set. You will find information on each product but are encouraged to do your own research. Because delivery should stay occasionnal, we don’t sell food and drinks. Also, this is a static website which puts less strain on servers than normal e-shops. It is hosted in France on low carbon energy.

About us

Corentin Hanonge

Industrial & digital engineering student

Web Development


Supplier Relationships

Auguste Leclerq

IT engineer

Website host


What is nano currency?

Nano is a digital currency. By design, it solves a number of everyday problems we experience with traditionnal currencies. In short, thanks to a decentralised network, Nano enables value to flow freely and globally. Nano has a fixed supply, meaning no money printing by institutions. The network doesn't rely on banks or any middle man to operate. Buy nano.


nanozen V2, updated on 03/01/2022